Custom Four-Roll Machine
NEXGEN has expanded beyond the conventional three-roll type bending design.  No more manual bending roll adjustment or the possible need to take the plate out and turn it end to end before reinserting the plate.
We possess a custom-designed four-roll machine with a CNC control to facilitate material handling, add automation, and provide proper rolling of shapes such as square shapes with rounded ends, blending radii, oval shape, and elliptical shapes.

Our CNC 4-Roll Capabilities

  • More economical part processing
  • 161 inches long working length
  • Materials including ACM, MCM, stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc
  • Thicknesses to 3/8 inch
  • Automated part rolling
  • Tight radii parts – Diameters as small as 10 inches on 4 mm ACM
  • Rolling of blended radii without marks, parts with flat and rounded area with tight radii, ovals, ellipses
  • Rolling of ‘sandwich’ parts

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