HORIZON+™ (HZN™) is a high-performance architectural metal roof and panel system.  With its inverted extruded batten design technology, HORIZON+™ brings a smooth and sleek contemporary aesthetic to any rooftop.   The HZN Drain Channel™ is a continuous extrusion that provides guttering of moisture to the roof eave, whereas the HZN Compression Cap™ functions to anchor the metal panels and create a watertight seal; all while allowing for expansion and contraction due to thermal cycling. 

Available in aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc, the HORIZON+™ system is adaptable to both straight rafter and barrel radius roof geometries. Panel dimensions are customizable based on the selected material type and finish. 

NEXGEN offers “out of the box” system packages including HZN+™ extrusions, HD cover board, metal panels and trims, and hardware, to detailed drawings, and project specific engineering.   And our limited performance warranty has you covered.  Contact us for free a cost estimate and detailed proposal.  

Why settle for batten or standing seam when you can look to the HORIZON™ by NEXGEN?

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