NEXGEN is excited to announce is has entered into a purchase and distribution agreement of the Intercept™ Modular Metal Panel System from CENTRIA®, a Nucor® Company. The new and improved design has been rebranded as INTERCEPT+ Powered by NEXGEN

Intercept+™ is distributed through CENTRIA®. Please click here for more information

INTERCEPT+™ modular metal panels combine form and function to create a visually stunning rainscreen wall façade with countless design options. 

Beauty is the keystone of architectural design, function is the cornerstone

Intercept+™ is a modular metal wall panel system that allows for both.  This easy-to-install rainscreen offers design versatility by incorporating different substrates, depths, slopes, and perforations to achieve a variety of aesthetic options while meeting extensive building codes.  The systems modular design lends itself to installation in vertical or horizontal orientation.  

The lightweight, back-ventilated system combines aesthetics with function, directing water away from your structure, without using sealants of any kind.

Intercept+™ panels are available in standard coil-coated aluminum substrate, as well as anodized aluminum.  

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